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Lawn Mowers - Types

There are many different ways you can categorize lawn mowers.  We hope you find the approach below (the same as's helpful.

Riding lawn mowers are, as the name describes, lawn mowers that you sit down on while you mow the lawn.  Depending on the model, they are aimed at large lawns or commercial use.  The biggest category is the walk-behind rotary lawn mowers.  This category includes both electric and gas powered lawn mowers as well as self propelled and hand-propelled gas lawn mowers.  Walk behind reel mowers is a category that contains mainly human powered lawn mowers.  There are a couple of gas powered  models but the vast majority requier a significant amount of human effort.  Finally we have robot lawn mowers.  These lawn mowers are capable of mowing lawns unsupervised once they have been set-up correctly.

Clcik on a link below and you will be taken to lawn mower listings for that category.  If you would like a little more information about each lawn mower type then either select 'Types of Lawn Mowers link on the left hand side or click here.  If you would like some help selecting a lawn mower then click the 'Choosing a Lawn Mower' link on the left hand side or click the 'Advice' link shown across the top of the site.