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Robot Lawn Mowers

Robot lawn mowers – how we have progressed! These little guys whiz along doing their own thing or so it seems but the result can be quite pleasing. These machines have not yet advanced to the level where they can be totally unsupervised so don’t get ready to relax and swing in your hammock just yet.

Reading this article will help you gain a good understanding of the features and functions of these machines. More importantly, when choosing one of these machines, you will also learn to relate the features to the specific lawn care you have in mind.

-    The size and slope of your lawn: it is recommended that you buy a mower with extra range capacity than you actually need for your lawn. The advantage in doing so is you get to minimize wear and tear on the machine and extend it’s lifespan as well.

-    Flat lawn or sloped: get a mower with spiked wheels for extra traction. This is applicable for lawns with inclines because it helps keep Mr. Robot from slip sliding around.

-    Cutting height: robot mowers vary in cutting height so make sure take this factor into consideration. Close cropped lawns for summer are the recommended norm.

-    Mower weight: you need a machine you can comfortably handle – take into consideration the times when you will have to do minor repairs or even ship it back to the manufacturer. Heavier machines lend added weight necessary for cutting thick grass while lighter machines cover a wider surface area.

-    Robot mowers are generally 19.5 to 20.5 inches wider and you need to take this into consideration because if there are parts of your lawn that are narrower you will have a problem.

-    Battery operated: lithium-ion batteries that last up to 5 years are quite a welcome change from the lead-based ones.  Further, these batteries keep well during the winter months.

-    Before you start using your robot mower fill up all the potholes or dips in your lawn or you will have to dig the robot out every time it gets stuck.

-    When buying your robot mower, buy a surge protector as well; lightening and power fluctuations can seriously damage the machine.

Robot mowers are good but you will still have to do a bit of trimming to cover the areas that have not been done.

Things like boundary wire conflicts (if you and your neighbor have robot mowers) may occur and electric dog fences can interfere with the workings of the robot mower. Bumper sensors or sonar helps steer the robot away from obstacles.

The main features of the robot lawn mower include:

-    Automatic operation for the most part with minimal supervision on your part

-    Quiet operation

-    Environmentally friendly, no nasty exhaust fumes and messy gasoline problems

-    Small grass clippings are a natural fertilizer so you get a more healthy lawn

Finally your choice of robot lawn mower boils down to your specific needs; will you want a machine that mostly does the job on its own? Do you have some health issues which prevent you from actually doing the mowing? Consider as many factors as possible and ask as many questions as possible to make a final decision.