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How to Choose a Rotary Lawn Mower

Garden equipment in particular lawn mowers is big business and there’s a huge range for you to choose from.  Trying to figure out where to begin can be quite an overwhelming task in itself.

In an attempt to provide awareness about the rotary lawn mower this article covers the machine in depth, helping you decide whether this is the best product for your needs and the pros and cons of buying the rotary lawn mower.

Rotary lawn mowers are one of the most common types of mowers, the blade spins in a horizontal plane and is designed to cut tall grass.  These machines are versatile, not very expensive and the blades can be easily sharpened which is a big plus in a lawn mower.

In order to decide whether the walk behind gas powered rotary lawn mower is suitable for you, it would be best to consider the following:

-    What is the size of your yard? If it is bigger than half an acre then the gas powered walk behind rotary lawn mower will not be a good choice.

-    Do you have thick grass and the type of yard that gets overgrown very quickly – the rotary mower is best for you. It can be used on any grass and growth conditions.

-    Do you enjoy getting in a bit of exercise when you can? If you do then a hand-propelled rotary lawn mower is a good machine for you. On the other hand if you have heart problems or other ailments, it is best not to tax yourself, get a self propelled machine.  Most of the new rotary machines come with forward drive which makes them easy to push.

-    Do you enjoy being out in the open and not afraid of basking in the sun?

-    Do you have lots of obstacles in the form of flowerbeds, shrubs or trees in your yard? If you do you need to look at machines with high rear wheels

-    Is your yard a level surface or are there inclines? Any kind of slopes are going to require a rear wheel drive self propelled mower.

Some factors to concentrate on when buying a rotary lawn mower

-    Make sure to get a variable speed machine, the one drive speed is not very good for thick lawns.

-    What sort of bag do you want for your machine – side discharge or mulching? Mulching will chop up the grass and distribute it back over the lawn to serve as fertilizer. It will save you the hassle of dealing with a bag full of grass clippings.

-    Bag capacity should match the size of your lawn and be easy to remove and install again. Will it be easy to handle a bag full of clippings and can you empty it easily.

-    Rear bagging machines take up less storage space and cut cleaner but are more expensive.

-    Overhead valve engines give you cleaner burning.

A few tips to bear in mind:

-    Gas mowers cannot be returned to dealers once they are filled with gasoline.  Select wisely and read user comment

-    Gas propelled mowers need to be CARB compliant if you live in the state of California. You should be aware that by the year 2011 the EPA will make it mandatory to have CARB certification for all non-road small engines which include your lawn mower. What it means is that the engine on your mower meets the stringent emission rules set by the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

-    You do not really have to worry about horsepower and engine brand; just get a good one because according to the reviews, all of them perform well.


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