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Riding Lawn Mower Safety

-    For children a riding lawn mower assumes the sameness of a toy; do not encourage this notion by giving children rides on the machine. Certainly not when it is in operation and not even when it is stationary.

-    When children are not corrected about playing with the lawn mower they tend to mess with its safety operations and can even fall off while climbing on it.

-    Children are an extremely curious bunch and they tend to be here there and everywhere at once. As mentioned earlier get them away from the lawn when mowing.  It would be disastrous if a child suddenly ran across the mower while it was on the move expecting another ride!

-    Avoid mowing the lawn in reverse

-    Avoid using the riding lawn mower on very steep inclines, you can be thrown off, injured or even killed. Using a mower on a very steep slope when the traction of your machine is inadequately matched to the incline may cause you to lose your balance and fall off or even cause you and the machine to come rolling down.

-    Slope operation will be dealt with in your owner’s manual – read the instructions carefully and make sure you put them into practice.


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