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How to Choose a Reel Lawn Mower

Smart shopping seems to be catching on – people are no longer rushing out to buy the moment the need arises. Reading through this article will help you to become aware of the various factors you need to take into consideration when deciding on a reel lawn mower.

The reel lawn mower is quite an interesting piece of machinery. Invented by Edwin Budding in 1830, this mower works in the same way a pair of scissors does. Reel mowers are the most natural way to cut grass provided you buy the manual model.  You will also find gasoline and electric powered reel mowers on the market; in this article we focus on the manual reel mower.

It is always important to buy a lawn mower based specifically on your needs. You need to ask yourself some questions in order to determine the most suitable lawn mower for your needs. Some sample questions to determine that a reel mower is best for you would be:

-    Do you like to maintain a grass cutting schedule? For example are you the kind of person who likes to get the lawn mower out every Saturday morning for a quick run over the lawn to tidy things up?

-    Is your lawn a small compact one?

-    Does noise pollution affect you greatly?

-    Do you dislike the smell of gasoline and the fumes that the lawn mower blasts into your face?

Some Things You Should Know About Reel Lawn Mowers:

These mowers are the most natural way of cutting grass and regular use of this mower will give you one of the best kept lawns in your neighborhood. It really is a good experience to mow your lawn in silence, smelling only newly mown grass and enjoying a bit of exercise.

The Positives of Reel Lawn Mowers

-    They are cheap

-    Easy to assemble

-    A quiet option to the noisier high tech mowers on offer

-    This type of mower is light

-    Does not require much storage space

-    The scissors like action of the blades cuts the grass (a better option for the grass) and the clippings; more like a fine spray are left behind as mulch for the yard.

-    Grass is cut to a uniform height giving the yard a very neat appearance and cutting up and down the yard gives a beautifully striped effect

-    Practically maintenance free and absolutely hassle free

-    Environmentally friendly, no pollution emissions because of the absence of exhaust fumes.

-    No need to mess around with gasoline

-    No need for plugging it into an electrical socket and no power cord to be bothered with

-    Contrary to the misconceptions of people, the modern reel mower is not difficult to push around

The negatives of reel lawn mowers

-    You need a virtually litter free yard for this type of mower to be effective; twigs, leaves or any kind of debris will jam the machine

-    This type of mower requires effort on the user’s part to move it around the yard

A few tips to help you decide that the reel mower is the right type for you:

-    Reel mowers do not work well with weeds like dandelion and other tall weeds, the mower just rolls over it.  If you have proper grass then go for the reel mower, if it’s more a disused yard then don’t

-    Reel mowers don’t work very well on very tall grass – you need to be organized and dedicated to mowing the lawn on a weekly basis to get the best out of your machine.

-    Small lawns of half acre or smaller are quite suitable for a manual reel mower; bigger lots will require an electric or gas powered mower.

-    If you live on a half acre lot or smaller, then a manual reel mower is a very reasonable choice. But if you have much more grass than that, then it’s going to be too time consuming for the average person. As enjoyable as it is to use a reel mower, it gets old mowing for three hours.

-    If you do buy a gasoline powered reel mower you need to get one that is CARB certified if you live in California.


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