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Personal Safety

-    Ensure that all safety precautions are adhered to prior to beginning your mowing job.

-    Never, ever mess with your lawn mower while it is in operation.  Everything that you need to do in terms of lifting it, checking the fuel level or repairing the machine requires that you first remove the spark plug wire.

-    When using walk behind lawn mowers make sure you use heavy duty shoes that have good non-slip soles.

-    Wear the right protective clothing; long sleeved shirt and coveralls with long pants may be best. Leaving your legs or arms exposed only increases the degree of bodily injury in the event of an accident.

-    Wear protective goggles for your eyes and ear muffs to protect your ears against the sound

-    Plan your mowing activities during the day when you have plenty of natural light, preferably midday if it is not too hot. You should avoid mowing the lawn when it is wet because the chances of you slipping are greatly increased

-    If you use a walk behind lawn mower then mow across inclines

-    Mow up and down and incline if using a riding mower

-    If you want to adjust the mower height, clean the grass chute or remove the mulch bag, take the time to turn off the machine and wait for all the moving parts to come to a standstill

-    Be extra vigilant about going too near hot engines, at approximately 12000 F you can burn the skin and flesh right 1off your arm.

-    Avoid letting the starter rope snap back when you start the lawn mower.


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