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General Lawn Mower Safety

-    The very first safety tip that comes highly recommended is to read your owners manual from cover to cover before you even unpack the lawn mower. Just reading is not sufficient; you need to diligently adhere to the information in this book.

-    Safety devices should not be messed with; their safe operation should be checked regularly

-    Make sure you take a walk around your lawn before you start mowing; take a disposable bag with you to pick up any loose debris that is lying around.

-    Even watching from a reasonable distance can be dangerous because the mower blades spin very fast sending loose objects flying in all directions.

-    Children and pets should not be anywhere in the vicinity when you schedule your lawn mowing activity – accidents take but a split second to happen.

-    Children, especially small ones and pets are attracted to anything that moves or makes a noise; never assume that your child is safely tucked away far from the mower.

-    It is best to plan your lawn mowing activity around your children; send them away from the house when you do your mowing.  A sleepover at a friend’s place or at grandma’s will allow you to mow your lawn in total safety the following morning. If you cannot send the child away from home during this period, make sure your spouse is aware of your plan to mow the lawn and agrees to set aside work to mind the children.

-    It is best to practice turning off your mower when you cross the walkway or driveway; never leave it running to answer the phone or get a drink of water. We may think it will only take a minute but in that single moment anything can happen.


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