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-    It would be sheer foolishness to smoke while filling your lawn mower tank with gasoline – well, you would be surprised at the number of thoughtless people who do.

-    Always store your gasoline in a clearly marked can like the Smart Fill Fuel can from Briggs & Stratton.  The can should have a CSA, FM or UL label to indicate the contents. Always store the can in your garage or shed at the bottom of the garden. In fact it is best if you avoid bringing gasoline products into the house at all.

-    Always turn off the lawn mower engine and wait for it to cool down before filling the tank with gasoline

-    Your lawn mower should not be stored anywhere near open flames, pilot lights, etc.

-    Make sure to wipe up gasoline spills immediately. It is best to prepare things like mop cloths, gasoline can, some newspaper, etc. before hand prior to actually filling the tank.

-    When you have finished filling the tank, clean up everything first and then move the machine away from the area in which you filled the tank before starting the machine.

-    Always fill the gas tank slowly to avoid overfilling it – you need to fill the tank only up to the dipstick ‘Full’ indicator level.


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