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Lawn Mower Safety Tips

The purpose of these articles is not to give anyone an excuse for not mowing the lawn but to create awareness of the dangers that lurk when we don’t exercise safety when using the simple lawn mower. We may think that using the lawn mower is as safe as can be, tending to tackle the overgrown lawn with a ‘nothing to it’ attitude. 

However the statistics reveal quite a different picture altogether; these seemingly safe machines can become terrifying accidents waiting to happen and approximately 200,000 people of which a staggering 16,000 were children, were injured in lawn mower related accidents in one single year.

The range of injuries runs the gamut from severed fingers, toes, limbs, broken bones, eye injuries, burns, ripped and torn skin, blood vessels and arteries and so much more. All it takes is the implementation of a few simple safety precautions to prevent such terrifying outcomes.

Reading these articles will help you gain insight into the various safety measures you need to put into practice to keep yourself, your family and your pets safe. For ease of reference lawn mower safety tips have been subdivided into broad categories.

To summarize, every responsible adult owner of a lawn mower should practise these basic safety measures. Always turn off your machine when you plan to do maintenance work and the first step should always be to remove the spark plug wire prior to starting. The foremost rule in lawn mower safety is to treat the operation of your mower as seriously as you would the operation of your automobile and PLEASE read the manual!





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